Welcome to my new blog

Welcome! I've started this new blog to share things about my life and to help my readers with Linux and tech stuff. I am a Linux System Administrator, but that doesn't mean that I'm hiding in a dark basement, so it's possible to spot some occasional outdoor photo's. No, taking pictures is not my hobby, everyone else is doing this already. Other things you can expect to read here are small howto's / Linux tips, articles about stuff that amazes me and some lifestyle tips about how you can be happy and stay healthy even when you're only sitting behind a computer.

The focus of my work as Linux System Administrator is on everything that is running online. It's not just running a web server with a small website, it's all other technology that you can find behind this, such as tweaking your server for security and/or performance, making a database cluster, running virtual machines and most of all, make the impossible possible. But there is one thing I always keep in mind: KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Any other interests? Yes, I like electric vehicles (not just cars, everything that can move the Dick around and can be charged with electricity). Also, I find Artificial Intelligence really fascinating. And being a human interests me, mostly how to stay happy, how to stay healthy, why a human body is doing the things it's doing and why we are still not much more than robots.

So, enjoy! 🙂

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