Give more than you take

One idea I came across recently that I find very appealing is to give more than you take. Something that also has a lot of common ground with the more ecological and sustainable lifestyle I'm developing.

Our actions do have impact

Our society, pressuring us constantly to perform and deliver, tempting us to consume, makes us steer away from our connection with nature and with the universe. But it's important to be aware of the fact that we're not only individuals, we are also part of something bigger. Our actions do have impact. Impact on nature, on our ecosystem, on other lives. Not just human lives, also the lives of animals. And as a planet we do make an impact on the universe. You may think your individual impact is small, but even a tiny action such as throwing away plastic packaging somewhere outside impacts lives. The choices we make in our consumption, and also how we treat our planet, can have great effects on other lives, next to our own lives.

So with this in mind, I think a great way to have a positive impact on our environment is by giving more than we take. It's not possible to stop consuming, so we can't stop taking. We have to eat and drink to survive, we need a home to live in, we probably like to have a few nice or luxurious things as well (nothing wrong with recognizing and enjoying the benefits of our prosperity). But next to making choices that have less impact (for example eating primarily plant based products instead of animal-derived foods), we can also give back. We can grow flowers in our garden or on our balcony to help the bees. We can clean up garbage in our neighborhoods. Or we can help an animal in distress. But we have to stop depriving the planet from the resources she gives us. We need to work together with our planet, with nature. Otherwise there won't be any resources left.

Become more aware of the long term results of our actions and choices

I think it's beneficial for all life on our planet if we become more aware of the long term results of our actions and choices. Exhaust gasses from a car don't disappear, they become part of the air we breathe in. Or the earlier example of plastic packaging, if it's thrown away outside, birds may eat it and possibly even die. Or buying very cheap supermarket meat from industrial livestock, be aware of the origin of that meat. It was a life somewhere in the recent past. And probably not a too happy live. Don't forget that cows and pigs have feelings, just like our dog, our cat, ourselves.

So, think about it. How can you give more than you take? Can you be aware of the origins of what you consume and the results of your actions? Don't forget that your impact may look small, but it can be of great importance to other lives on our planet. Something tiny may grow into a bigger impact than you first expected.

Let's work together with nature, with animals, with our planet. Enjoy your journey to a more sustainable life!

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