Fighting food waste with the Too Good To Go app

Sometimes there are these simple but smart solutions to make the world a little bit better. One of these things I came across is the Too Good To Go app, an app that aims to reduce food waste. They do this by having shops such as bakeries and eateries offer the products they have left over at the end of the day via the app. As a user of the app, you can pick it up for a lower amount, but you don't know exactly what you will get in advance.

The problem is that many companies have to keep a stock in order to serve their customers. Customers also want to have a choice, so it's impossible to have your stock exactly the same as what you sell. At the end of the day there were always be products left, but they are still fine to eat. This food has of course gone through all processes that cost energy, such as agriculture and baking bread. And when it is thrown away at the end of the story, it has to be disposed of as well. So besides the fact that the discarded product has cost a lot of energy for the production, you will even lose more energy by throwing it away. The Too Good To Go app solves this problem of food that has to be thrown away.

How it works

Look up the 'Too Good To Go' app in the app store. Sign up and link a credit card. After that you can check which businesses in your area are offering something. It is advisable to check in early on the day, because sometimes the offers are quickly gone. That means that you should actually look in the morning. If you have found something, you can order one or more portions. You confirm this and pay with your credit card and after that you only have to visit the company at the indicated time and you can pick up your food. By the way, don't forget to take a bag with you.

My experience

The app has only recently become available in my area. I have now bought something 2 times through Too Good To Go. The first time was at a salad bar in Enschede, where I got a fairly large salad and 2 soups. This was 4.50 euros, but the value was, I think, about 10 to 15 euros. The second time I went to a bakery in Hengelo, where I received a whole loaf of bread, half a loaf of bread, 6 hard buns, a baguette and a few other things. This was 4.99 euros, but I think it had a value of +/- 15 euros.

Actually it is not even about how much value for money you get, but the best thing in my opinion is the surprise. This is a fun way to try out new things. And in the meantime you also do a bit of good by preventing food waste.


I am very enthusiastic about the app. It works well and the fact that you don't know in advance what you will get makes it extra fun. In the meantime, you help to prevent food waste, which is in the end better for the environment. The only disadvantage is that you don't have a lot of choice on every location, so the app is especially useful in and around the big cities. And sometimes things are quickly sold out. For the popular shops it can be a matter of just a few minutes.

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